“Success” Through Journaling – Pillar 1 * Day 2

Set Your Sails

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Ok, so welcome to Day 2 of the program!!

Yesterday we started to Lift Our Spirits by putting some of the good stuff back into our lives.  Yes, it’s all too easy to let the good things slip out of range when life starts to climb on top of us and get us down. 

But as Roslyn, an elegant 92 year young lady I had the pleasure of knowing when I was younger once said to me, “If you don’t celebrate all the good bits in life dear, what’s left?”   I was in my early thirties when she shared this with me and she was one of the happiest people I knew – that day changed my life forever!!

So it’s probably a good thing to get ourselves all spiced up and smiling as quickly as possible huh? And the best, quickest and most sustainable way to do that is through Love, Gratitude and Awareness.

Now, before we get into today’s stuff, let me introduce the Quick Reference Guide – the last page of yesterday’s Journaling notes …

If there’s anything I’ve really embodied through crafting this Journaling process over the years it’s that repetition is the mother of all learning, and so as we go day to day and step by step, know that this Quick Reference tool will help us build a solid foundation for a successful and holistic regular journaling practice.  

You’ll also notice that some of the Steps In Review Prompts are done daily for maximum impact, while others are done once but might be reviewed a couple of times a day, and other things may only need to be done if there is an underlying need – and that’s where the Quick Reference Guide will help.

Using the Quick Reference Guide and our Steps In Review Prompts will help streamline your daily practice so that you can get the most out of the program in as quick a time as possible each day, yet still cover all the important pieces! 

If you’ve got any questions, reach out here …

But for now it’s all about getting the juicy ju ju happening in your life starting TODAY by Setting Our Sails!! 

But before that … Let’s Review!

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺 


Steps In Review Prompts 

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Step 1a – Love … Own The Power Within

Make a list of ten, twenty, fifty or a hundred things that you love, no matter how big or small.  Review Day 1 instructions to refresh your memory of how to do this if you can’t remember what to do here.


Step 1b – Gratitude … The Magic

Grab your journal and write down 

* 3 THINGS that make you feel happy

* 3 PEOPLE that have added value into your life

* 3 Things about YOURSELF that you can appreciate

Plus …

* Something/Someone that has INSPIRED you

And if you want to take it one step further – go ahead and outline WHY that makes you feel happy, HOW they added value to your life, WHY that meant so much to you, WHY you appreciate these things about yourself, and WHY you were inspired by that person or thing.


Step 1c – Awareness … The Power of Being Present

Take a couple of deep breaths and slowly feel into your body (your feet, hands, head, your torso), BEYOND your body, BEYOND the room, … even the yucky stuff, and notice if there are any messages for you today, … or if there is any part of you that is asking for more attention.



And for Today’s Adventure …

Step 2a – Your Top Ten Desires

To have a great life, filled with all the things we love and want, it’s important to take stock of what it actually IS that we want to have in our lives.

Most people don’t take the time to Set Their Sails, so when they get what is “dealt to them” by life, they grumble and complain that they always get the raw end of the deal and that life is against them.

But this is not the case.

When you Set Your Sails and start to focus on the things you want in your life, especially the things that actually mean something to you, things that stir your heart, ignite your creative juices, and makes you feel excited with the prospect of having them appear for you, the closer you get to manifesting those things.

And if you fail to do this, you often just keep getting more of what you are focusing on – and unless you are filling your life with Love and Gratitude for all the good bits, then chances are life is happening “to” you.

However, if it hasn’t started already, your whole disposition should start to improve more now that you are including more of the good things in life as part of your daily Journaling practice, but today we really want to take that a whole lot further!!

By focusing your attention on your Top Ten Desires, you will find that you naturally gravitate towards these things because you are infusing your daily thoughts and actions with them – and the more you do it, the more power it has.

There’s a whole science behind it, but for now, let’s just understand that when you add the elements of Love, Gratitude and Awareness to your day, as much as you are calling in what you want in your life, when you set your focus correctly and function at a frequency that matches it perfectly, people, circumstances and opportunities naturally begin to come your way too which demonstrates “The Magic” of life.

So, what are your Top Ten Desires, the things that you really want in your life and that really matter to you? Why are these things so important to you?

Dot Point your Top Ten Desires out neatly on a clear sheet of paper.



Step 2b – Your Perfect Day 

And now, … 

What does your Perfect Day look like?  How does it play out?

From when you first wake up to when you go to sleep at night … and all the bits in the middle.

Be as descriptive as you can and be sure to include all the senses – what you see, hear, smell, feel, touch, and taste, who you’re with, what you’re doing … you get the drift.

Close your eyes and really dream into it. Imagine what life would be like with your Top Ten Desires in Your Perfect Day …

Write your Perfect Day out neatly on a clear sheet of paper.



Evening Review …

Day 1:  

What is TODAY’s best Gratitude? And why?

Day 2:

Review your Top Ten Desires and your Perfect Day each morning and night. Read them out loud with feeling until they really start to come alive for you. 

You could also put these lists under your  pillow while you sleep so you can take your Desires and Perfect Day into your dream state – a much nicer way to go off to sleep wouldn’t you say? 

This works really well with your favourite sleep music playing softly in the background and/or your favourite essential oil diffusing.


Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺