“Success” Through Journaling – Pillar 1 * Day 1

Lift Your Spirits

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Welcome to Day 1 of my “Success” Through Journaling Program!!

A lot of people these days understand that journaling can help us achieve success in many different ways, however there are many who don’t understand this.

But whether you are aware of the benefits of journaling or not, the question still remains HOW do we actually journal effectively? 

To be sure, there are many different methods and each is neither right or wrong – it’s about what works for the individual and what they are trying to achieve. 

Expressing ourselves through journaling however may come easily to some, but for others it’s not always that simple – so where do you actually start so you can start feeling great and creating some awesome results?

Over the next few days, I will be outlining one of the journaling techniques that I have used and adapted over the years to help me …

🌺 Triumph over many years of sexual abuse as a child, …

🌺 Recovering against all odds from an extremely serious brain injury received while giving birth in 1996, …

🌺 Live an absolutely EPIC and functional life totally free of medication even though Lupus appeared in my life in a dramatic way in 2013. 

This process has formed part of  my secret “Success” sauce, and I willingly share it with you now as a starting place for you to develop your own personal style of journaling.  

This method has gotten me out of some pretty difficult situations where everything was stacked against me, and to this day still helps me achieve many incredible experiences where there was no possible way for these things to happen before.  

You can either download each day’s special downloadable pdf journal, or you can get yourself a nice notebook, it’s up to you!

But the important thing is you want to be writing this by hand rather than typing it up on a computer.  There’s so much science about how actually writing by hand activates more of the brain which influences our connection with ourselves and our world, but you can learn more here …

Also get a good pen that feels nice in your hand and writes smoothly, then get settled and start journaling! ☺

It’s a good idea to allocate uninterrupted time to go through each of the Steps properly so you can really apply yourself to the process.  

This is a foundational process that allows you to define and refine what it is that you really want from life – which speeds up the process later on.

Being consistent with your Journaling practice helps you gain more clarity, which in turn will allow you to delve even deeper into different areas that feel important to work on.

You will also find that with a consistent Journaling Practice, your previous journal entries can serve as inspiration to explore different aspects of the same area eg, explore how one area of your life impacts other areas of your life – and how this can serve you if you become observant through your regular journaling practice.

Either way, it’s important that you at least check in with each Step EACH DAY just to keep your finger on the pulse of your Inner World so that it stays aligned beautifully with your Outer World – the Quick Reference Guide at the end of each step will help you do this swiftly each day.

Remember, there is no right or wrong – this is just helping you to open up to a whole new world of wonder that awaits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out here

Enjoy the Journey!! 🌺❤️🌺


And for Today’s Adventure …

Step 1a – Love … Own The Power Within

They say that love is a universal language, and I get it, that can sound a bit airy-fairy and woo-woo.  But it doesn’t take away the fact, that like Gravity, it is still there and we either learn how to harness it’s power, or we miss out on a lot that love and life has to offer because of our choosing to be stubborn.

You see, love is an innate power that lay within us, but it is often overlooked and is certainly an untapped resource.  However when we learn how to harness it and make it work for us, it brings so much Transformation for us and the world around us – especially when times are so tough!!

So as a beginning and to get the ball rolling, let’s dive into listing some of the things that you love … 

Things like your favourite foods, your favourite people, your favourite experiences, new things that you’ve seen or music that you’ve heard that really rouses the soul. 

Ideas that light your soul on fire, jewellery or the stars that shine. Your favourite car, your favourite place. 

Acts of service done for you, words of kindness that brightened your day. Smiles of children, cuddles from pets. Playing in the rain or baking.

If you’re not sure how to get started, go here and when it’s your turn, follow the children’s lead … https://bit.ly/STJ1a-MyFavouriteThings 

Don’t stop at five or ten – make a list of twenty, fifty or a hundred things that you love, no matter how big or small. When you really get into this practice, it gets easier and easier to do.

Just start writing down all the things that come to mind that you REALLY love and if you find your day declining, simply come back to adding more things to your list and watch your day get better!!! 

Then just keep adding to this list every day – It really lifts your vibe and gets you going!! 

Now It’s Your Turn … List as many things as you can in your journal that you love.  Keep doing this until you notice that your inner world starts to feel somehow lighter!



Step 1b – Gratitude … The Magic

This next step builds on the last, helping you to lift your vibe and change your life even more!! 

Even if you don’t feel like you have all the answers right now, you can still love, and you can still practice saying Thank You and meaning it!

Now there are many ways to practice Gratitude, but I get it, some people may not understand that Gratitude is even a thing, and others may struggle to get into the “Feeling” of gratitude, so let’s just keep it simple …

The “3 by 3 Plus 1” practice

Grab your journal and write down 

* 3 THINGS that make you feel happy

* 3 PEOPLE that have added value into your life

* 3 Things about YOURSELF that you can appreciate

Plus …

* Something/Someone that has INSPIRED you

And if you want to take it one step further – go ahead and outline WHY that makes you feel happy, HOW they added value to your life, WHY that meant so much to you, WHY you appreciate these things about yourself, and WHY you were inspired by that person or thing.

You’ll be doing this exercise every day, and it gets easier and becomes more fun with practice, so if you really want to shift gears in your life then it’s important to really apply yourself wholeheartedly to this exercise.

Jen Sincero in one of her BadAss books puts it beautifully, “any positive thoughts you’re choosing to think that lack emotion are flaccid, useless and windbaggy.”  

So as you do this exercise every day, if  you are just repeating what you’ve written before, if you don’t feel it from the heart it somehow loses it’s power and effectiveness..

However, if it IS the same thing as yesterday and it STILL inspires you, then go into another aspect of WHY you are grateful?

Now don’t be afraid to go deep – You might be surprised by your answers – and it will give you a deeper appreciation for who and what is in the world around you.

Now it’s your turn … List your “3 by 3 Plus 1” in your journal.



Step 1c – Awareness … The Power of Being Present!

There’s also a little awareness technique that brings you to this present moment which naturally draws you deeper into love and gratitude the more you practice it …

** Close your eyes & Focus on your feet – notice what they feel like, wriggle your toes, feel the insides move & crack, move them on the floor – think about all they do for you – thank them for holding you steady on the earth and helping you do all you need to do – they do a mighty job!!

** Move your focus to your hands – notice how they feel when you move them – think about what you do with them every day -where would we be without our hands?  Thank them for all that they do for you.

** Move to your head – notice the way it sits on your neck – gently move your neck and head around and think about all the things that your head does and thank your head for doing all that without you even needing to think about it – it’s easy to take stuff like that for granted.

** Move to your torso – notice what it’s doing – is your heart beating fast or slow, your lungs breathing shallow or deep, is your belly full or not – thank your torso and all the other bits in you for doing their job without any conscious help from you.

** Extend beyond your body – what can you hear, see, feel, taste, smell in the room around you – everything you notice – thank it for being a part of your moment and contributing to your gratitude and awareness experience.

** Extend beyond the room – outside your immediate vision – how do those things contribute to your life right now in this moment? Thank them for improving the quality of gratitude and awareness in your life.

** Even yucky stuff counts – Thank anything that is troubling you for providing contrast and lessons so that you can look deeper into the beauty of life. 

eg be thankful for what is behind loud, uncomfortable noises – construction provides jobs in the community, noise from the playground can mean children are happy or highlights where change needs to be made, noisy neighbours highlight the peacefulness of your own home, illness shows you where you can improve your habits, etc.

So start to get creative now …  Where else in this moment can you include Gratitude? Really get into it with meaning and feeling.

Now it’s your turn … Scan through your body and the world around you being completely aware and grateful at every point.  What are you noticing? Are there any lessons or messages? What else are you grateful for in the present moment?



Evening Review …

When you go to bed each night, bring your BEST Gratitude of the day to mind. 

If you’d like to really amp it up, maybe write down WHY this was the best Gratitude for you today.


Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺