“Success” Through Journaling – Step 7 (Pillar 2 * Day 2)

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So how’s the 2.0 version of yourself coming along?

Have you created some really cool things in your journal?

Are you excited AF?

Ok, so now we are going to address some of the things that may be getting in the way – you know, the practical realities that seem to be stopping us.

So let’s dive in and get them out of the road!

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Step 7a – What’s In The Way (Practical Realities)

When we are going for our goals and our dreams, many times things come up for us that seem to stop us or get in the way of us actually having what we want and so we get stuck in the same rut, frustrated with life, with the situation and even worse, with ourselves.

Some people will tell you NOT to worry about those things, they will sort themselves out, but in order to create momentum toward any goal or dream, it’s important in the early stages to point out the pitfalls or the practical things that prevent you from reaching your goals in the long term so that you can put some counter measures in place to bridge those gaps so you can achieve your aim each and every time.

So, when you think of your Top Ten Desires, your Perfect Day, and your Great Big Hairy Dreams, what practical things are stopping you?

Now it’s important to look at this list from a productive perspective and not be a total Debbie Downer.  When you come at it from a Project Manager’s point of view, this creates some objectivity and a level of commitment that says that this project has to be, and will be, completed, there is simply no way it is NOT going to get done. 

In this light it requires a more objective assessment, with real and factual data so that any obstacles and challenges can be met with proper and productive measures.

So as you focus on where you are and where you want to be, what do you see as being some of the practical things that could possibly get in the way of you achieving what you want? 

And what steps do you need to take first to put some of these things in place? Do you need help with that? And if so, whose help do you need?

eg. You may want to start a new business, but the truth is that you haven’t had any instruction in what it takes to run a business at all, let alone do it successfully because all you really want to do is create beautiful clothing designs.  

So you may need to take a short business course with your local community college to bring your business skills up to speed.  

So the first step would be to ask your local college what courses would help you achieve your goal of setting up a business in your chosen field. 

And of course you would have to go ahead and book in for that.  

However if you don’t have all the funds to do that, you may need to take an extra few hours of work here and there to cover costs, or you may decide to sell some stuff that you don’t use around the house to raise the extra cash needed.

All of these are practical things that need to be taken care of in order to achieve your Desires and Dreams.

So now it’s your turn … What’s getting in your way?

Hint:  It’s usually the excuses you use …  … … “I can’t start my own business because …”


Step 7b – The Inner Work … Limiting Beliefs

Now go back and re-focus on the 2.0 version of yourself on your Perfect Day and in your Great Big Hairy Dream … Is there anything PERSONALLY that stands in the way of you achieving this? 

Now when I say “personally” I actually mean the second conversation that we are having with ourselves every other moment of the day. You know the one … the “other one” in your head …

“I want this!”

“Yeah, but …..”

It’s the “Yeah But” that will be your undoing.

So now, rather than succumbing to the heavy negative and pessimistic weight of the “Yeah But’s”, or wasting precious energy by denying them and suppressing them, write them all down – every single last one of them!

Here’s the thing, if you are looking at what is limiting you, it’s kind of like looking at a garden full of weeds – if you don’t attend to them, the one that you don’t address and deal with will be the one that gets away on you and sabotages all your Desires and Dreams.

You don’t have to do anything with them at the moment – your job right now is to just get them out of you – sometimes they are so flimsy that even shining a light on them like this is enough to hit them right out of the park because you consciously realise they are just stupid thoughts that don’t actually have any deep roots!

Another important thing to do is to get all the “Yeah But’s” out into the open by going back over each of your Top Ten Desires, your Perfect Day, and your Great Big Hairy Dream.  

As you break down each sentence, see if there is anything TODAY that doesn’t align in you … Or starts a second conversation!!!

Sometimes it’s not until we start doing more than just entertaining our brilliant ideas that the excuses start to come in. Or it’s when all the excitement dies down and we actually begin to look at it as more than real that we can start to get scared and the “second conversations” start.

While the last step dealt with Practical Realities that have to be dealt with, (for sure, some may be big, though generally most aren’t) …

In this step, we are more concerned about our Inner World of our own personal beliefs and our character. 

Some of these may just be habit of thought that aren’t serving you because they are the voice of society, our parents, our teachers, our siblings, our partners, neighbours or friends and we are just repeating what they say without actually stopping to question if it’s true or not.

But sometimes we actually BELIEVE certain things that are genuinely stopping us – they may not even be logical, or even relevant anymore, but they are still there, doing their thing, and generally just getting in the way of us having what we want.

So, the first step …

Write down any thoughts or feelings that stand between you now and you having all that you Desire and Dream.  Don’t dwell on them – just keep moving with the process and we’ll deal with all these a little later.

Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  
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