“Success” Through Journaling – Pillar 1 * Day 5

The Value of High Vibes

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Welcome back to the last day in this series!!

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us!!

So far I’ve endeavoured to show you how to leverage your life into higher states of being so that you can get out there to live your biggest and best life.  

And by showing you how to navigate the dark days, you have less risk of getting stuck in the quagmire of crap that threatens to stop you from having your biggest and best life. How cool is that?

Today however we are introducing you to what is perhaps one of the GREATEST, but little used, tools known to humans for “Success” in any endeavour.  And get this!!  It helps to keep the darkness away!

Yes, there is always going to be more than one tool you’re going to need to navigate your way to “Success”, but without High Vibes, all else will fail.

For some, having a High Vibe comes naturally, but for others it’s a skill that needs to be worked on daily so that it is cultivated in a way that it serves us correctly – but it doesn’t look like everyone thinks it does!!

People talk about High Vibes all the time, but rarely do they show us how to harness them and how to leverage them in real and tangible ways.

So, let’s talk about the Value of High Vibes.

But before we get into that, …

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#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺 


Steps In Review Prompts

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Step 1a – Love … Own The Power Within

Make a list of ten, twenty, fifty or a hundred things that you love, no matter how big or small.  Review Day 1 instructions to refresh your memory of how to do this if you can’t remember what to do here.


Step 1b – Gratitude … The Magic

Grab your journal and write down

* 3 THINGS that make you feel happy

* 3 PEOPLE that have added value into your life

* 3 Things about YOURSELF that you can appreciate

Plus …

* Something/Someone that has INSPIRED you

And if you want to take it one step further – go ahead and outline WHY that makes you feel happy, HOW they added value to your life, WHY that meant so much to you, WHY you appreciate these things about yourself, and WHY you were inspired by that person or thing.


Step 1c – Awareness … The Power of Being Present

Take a couple of deep breaths and slowly feel into your body (your feet, hands, head, your torso), BEYOND your body, BEYOND the room, … even the yucky stuff, and notice if there are any messages for you today, … or if there is any part of you that is asking for more attention.


Step 2a – Your Top Ten Desires

So, what are your Top Ten Desires, the things that you really want in your life and that really matter to you? Why are these things so important to you?


Step 2b – Your Perfect Day

And what does your Perfect Day look like?  How does it play out?

From when you first wake up to when you go to sleep at night … and all the bits in the middle.

Be as descriptive as you can and be sure to include all the senses – what you see, hear, smell, feel, touch, and taste, who you’re with, what you’re doing … you get the drift.


Step 3 – Discover your WHY

Read the description of Your WHY out loud with feeling morning and night AS IF it is happening right now – Make sure it fits you perfectly,  and if anything needs to be adjusted do so then re-write it out again properly.


Step 4a – Brain Dump

Do you have anything on your mind that you need to Brain Dump?
If not, well done!! Just skip to the next step!!


Step 4b – Belly Up

Decide & Declare!  Are you Belly Up? Or Belly Down?

Do you want to Rise Up? Or drown in an inch of mud?


Step 4c – How Else Do You Want It To Be?

Focus on where you want your life to go, not where you’ve come from or the crap you find yourself in right now.


Step 4d – Small Steps

What small steps can you take to begin Transforming your situation?

Do you need any help with that? 



And for Today’s Adventure …

Step 5a – The Value of High Vibes

As I alluded to before, my aim has been to show you how to leverage your life into higher states of being so that you can get out there to live your biggest and best life.

But alas, unless we consciously cultivate some High Vibes it can be a lot more challenging to navigate our dark days.  And I’m fairly certain none of us want to get stuck in the quagmire of crap that can sometimes threaten to overwhelm us – I’m sure we’d much prefer to live our biggest and best life, right?

Well I found the best way to limit the impact of crap in my life was to keep my Vibe as high as possible at all times – and funnily enough, the more I focused on feeling good the less crap happened to me or happened around me. 

In fact, not only was there less crap, but anything that threatened to come against me, somehow it transformed into solutions and possibilities before my very eyes!

And these transformations began to move me in the direction to my bigger and best life and I “just got out in the nick of time”.  

Yes, you could say it even changed my luck.

But how could that happen?

Look, there are many resources that go into the science of vibration and frequency and how it all works, so before we get into today’s adventure, go and watch this pretty decent 11-minute video.

It provides an easy-to-understand simple explanation of what we’re about to do, but once you’re done watching it come straight back here to get into today’s adventure … Bit.ly/TSTS-HighVibes 

You’ll be able to check out all the other links on that page at another time 🙂 

But let’s take it just a couple of steps further!

When you watch the video, which High Vibe Activities you are already doing?

Which ones would you like to include in your day today?

And just a tip – pay attention to how they make you feel?

Off you go and I’ll see you on the other side.


Step 5b – Incantations & Intention Dancing

The beauty of understanding the impact of consciously keeping our vibe high allows us to apply it to anything and everything we want in life 🙂

So now that you are aware of your vibe and how it impacts your world, you NOW get to activate your own Abundance Stream and move into the space of abundant possibility.  Because that’s what “Success” is all about, right? 

Abundance!! In all areas of life.

But how else can we get there?

Well one of the best ways to ground that energy into our body and subconscious mind is by singing and moving your body for a few minutes.

You can do it for Health – Bit.ly/TSTS-HealthyBodySong

You can do it for Wealth – we’ll talk about this in a minute

You can do it for Gratitude – Bit.ly/TSTS-TheGratitudeDance 

And really, you can do it for Anything if you put yourself into it!!!

I even did it for Business!!

Yes, it may seem strange at first, but remember, the more you put into this, and the more you have fun with it, the more you activate your Abundance Stream.  Remember, nothing moves if nothing moves!!

In my own personal experience, I have seen the greatest results when this has been applied to Money! And not just me, but hundreds of people!!

Yes, money is a big trigger for most people – which is why I am using it as an example right here – we need to bring the big things to the surface so they can be sorted out, right?

Now don’t get me wrong, while you may or may not be interested in having more money right now, and understanding that money isn’t everything, it’s a given that if we want to have a great life, with positive impact in this modern age, it’s so important that we have a certain level of wealth in our lives – both financially and otherwise. 

And the more wealth we have, the greater the good we can do in the world, with the greatest possible positive impact.  

And who doesn’t want to have more of that???!!!

Well, this is as simple as dancing and chanting “I love money & money loves me” over and over again with as much feeling and gusto as possible.

Watch this to see what I mean and then come straight back here!!

Incantations are awesome to do with little kids and pets, so get your kids and family involved if they’re into it, but if not, then don’t worry about it – just make sure YOU do it!!! And watch your vibe rise within minutes.

But also watch “The Second Conversation” that starts up!! You know, the little voice in the back of your mind saying things like “This is stupid!”, “This is embarrassing”, “WTF!! What am I doing??!!!”

Don’t pay them any mind and just keep going anyway – if “The Second Conversation” persists, give it a voice by simply and quickly writing it down, and then get back to your Incantations & Intention Dancing.

The thing you must understand is that if you aren’t progressing in the Direction of your Dreams, or if you aren’t getting there fast enough, chances are it’s “The Second Conversation” or your money story that has been holding you back.

But don’t worry about that right now – we’ll deal with that later, but just know that it’s important NOT to give it any more energy and set your sights on what you DO want, rather than what is holding you back.

So set yourself a timer for at least 1 minute and really get into it – you can go longer if you want to, but make sure you don’t stop until you start to feel your vibe lift – you’ll see the evidence like smiles, giggles and jiggles that just don’t want to stop!!

And oh yes, this will get you huffy puffy – it’s a bit of a Cardio workout too!

So off you go!!!  This is the beginning of you bringing yourself into the frequency of Money!!

“I Love Money and Money Loves Me!!”

“I Love Money and Money Loves Me!!”

“I Love Money and Money Loves Me!!”

Or Health … Or Gratitude … It’s up to you!!

And while you do this, just jot down any “Second Conversations” that started up for you here as they arise so you can get back into your High Vibe state as quickly as possible.


Step 5c – High Vibe Scribing

So now that you’re all High Vibe, we want to really bring this even deeper into our mind and body by doing some High Vibe Scribing!!!

There’s a whole science around what happens in our brain when we put pen to paper – it opens up a whole new realm and engages different parts of our brain so that we function in a more whole-brained state. 

If you haven’t already seen it, you can read more about it here later … https://bit.ly/TSTS-WritingVsTyping 

Years ago  it was common practice in schools to get you to write lines so that you would remember to do things right, for example writing out your times tables to help you recognise patterns and to remember the information by rote.

You see, this practice actually works because it impresses the subconscious mind even further as it is the part of the brain that thrives on repetition. You’ve probably heard the saying “Repetition is the mother of all learning”? Well it’s true, and never more true than in this case.

It is said that the state of our current life is simply the printout of the programs that have been running through our subconscious mind, programs that have been instilled in us sometimes since before we were even born!

But how cool is it that we can harness this practice of writing out the Incantations from our Intention Dancing to not only lift our vibe, but to make it a more permanent fixture in our life which directly impacts the frequency signals we send out to the Universe, which in turn must respond by the laws of Quantum Physics!!

Once again, pay attention to any “Second Conversations” that start up for you!  Just write them down for the minute and we will deal with them later like I said.

But for now …  Write out a full page of your chosen Incantation.  

If you want help to 10x your results, then try writing out 10 pages!! 

Off you go!!



Evening Review …

Day 1:  

What is TODAY’s best Gratitude? And why?


Day 2:

Review your Top Ten Desires and your Perfect Day each morning and night. Read them out loud with feeling until they really start to come alive for you. 

You could also put these lists under your  pillow while you sleep so you can take your Desires and Perfect Day into your dream state – a much nicer way to go off to sleep wouldn’t you say? 

This works really well with your favourite sleep music playing softly in the background and/or your favourite essential oil diffusing.


Day 3: 

While holding onto your Desires and your vision of your Perfect Day, bring your positively stated WHY to mind now too. 

Really focus on it and really allow it to sink deeply into your heart.


Day 4: 

As you are delving into your Desires and your Perfect Day and reminding yourself of your WHY, really anchor in your Commitment to being Belly Up.

Imagine yourself as a warrior taking your small and large steps, carving your way through any obstacle and standing for everything you believe in and want in your life.

Then take your conviction and victory into your dream state while you sleep.


Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺