“Success” Through Journaling – Step 8 (Pillar 2 * Day 3)

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Hello Hello!!!

So you can probably see that this Journaling process has been a foundational process and that it is all starting to come together now.

You’ve probably seen where you have been getting in your own way or allowing others to get in your way by not upholding your own personal boundaries.

But that is all about to change!!

In this Step we are all about re-wiring our mind and re-writing the plan for our lives so that we start to see more “Success” and know how to manage the Struggle when it comes along.

So without further ado …

Let’s get into it!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out here … 


Step 8 – Rewiring Limiting Beliefs

Now, read over the list of things that might be standing in the way between you and achieving your Great Big Hairy Dream again. If you’ve done this step before, do any of those things still apply today?

If not, scratch them out and simply allow that energy to dissolve and drift away – Sometimes even just acknowledging them is enough to let them go free. 

Quietly say to yourself “Thank you for serving me in the past. Good bye.” and mentally dust yourself off.

Now, if yes some of those things still do apply or feel very real for you, go to the 2.0 version of yourself and ask “What are we going to do about this? Is this serving me in any way? And if so, HOW is it serving me?”

Write down whatever comes – no judgement – just let it out, unfiltered.

Once finished, thank the part of you that gave you the information and just let it go.

eg. The old belief is “I don’t really feel that I’m good enough to be able to pull it off”.  

You ask the 2.0 version of yourself if it’s true or not. 

If it’s not true, let it fall to dust, say quietly to yourself “Thank you for serving me in the past. I’ve got this now. Good bye.” and mentally dust yourself off. 

If it is true, ask what it’s trying to tell you.  

eg. The answer is “It’s too much in a short amount of time, and I don’t have the skills & resources to make it happen”. 

Thank the part of you that is trying to protect you.  It doesn’t matter how the belief got there – what matters is that it is now out and can be shifted.  


Now flip the old information into something that serves you better

eg. “EVEN THOUGH there MAY be a lot to do and MAY require a lot of skills resources etc, it’s ok – I’m still good enough to pull this off.”

Note:  Using the “EVEN THOUGH” approach, and softening the absolute-ness of “IT IS” and “I DON’T” by using the words “MAY” or “MIGHT”, doesn’t suppress the part of you that is scared – ACKNOWLEDGING & HEARING the part of you that is trying to protect you removes or reduces the resistance and allows you to move forward without feeling like you are lying to yourself.  

And as you are re-affirming the new belief “It’s ok – I’m still good enough to pull this off” it allows you to move forward with integrity which will help your confidence grow.

This also allows space for the universe to magically line up any missing bits that will help your Desires and Dreams to manifest – this is the secret to living with TRUE abundance.  It’s not just you having to do it on your own – you are in partnership with a Universe that can do some pretty incredible things.

REMEMBER – As far as life goes, NOTHING IS EVER PERMANENT!!! EVERYTHING CHANGES – it’s the law of Universe – if you aren’t growing, you are dying and each is in a constant state of change.

But as far as our beliefs go, we have the power to shift them – how many times have we been so set in our opinions about things being a certain way which later, after some new information came in, gave us a new perspective and changed our opinion? 

It’s just the same as our beliefs. Those beliefs were set at one point in our lives that may or may not be true anymore.  Be willing to accept that your beliefs can be changed and move into that gracefully by partnering with the Universe. 

Repeating and writing out our new beliefs that serve us over and over each day creates new programs in our subconscious mind, helping us to achieve our Desires & Dreams. 

Now don’t just use the computer – it’s more disconnected and doesn’t work the same. Actually writing it out by hand somehow unlocks our “Limitless” potential. There’s a whole science behind writing things out by hand, so unless you’re prepared to go do your own research, make sure you do this part by hand – it works!!

When you are ready, you can simply drop the “Even Though” off and then just write the short “I am” statements that support you achieving your Desires and Dreams. 

eg.  I am good enough. I have all the skills I need to do the job. etc

These are more than just affirmations, these are now declarations!

And if you want to take it another step further, get yourself into a really high vibe state and then turn them into Incantations and lift the roof by saying them out loud with feeling!!

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But for now, just write all your supportive statements out by hand.

Review:  Each night before you go to bed, focus on each of these statements and allow yourself to really feel into them AS IF you have already achieved them.  Choose ONE of them to take with you into your dream state as you sleep.

Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  
#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺