“Success” Through Journaling – Step 6 (Pillar 2 * Day 1)

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Well, well, well!!!  Here we are on Day 6!! Congratulations!! We’re half way!!

In just the same way as we have to address how we conduct ourselves personally in order to bring our Desires and Dreams to life, we also must look at the underlying mindset that drives the Millionaire version of us.

“Millionaire? I don’t want to be a Millionaire!! I’m not interested in money!!”

Well, let me tell you that whatever beliefs are behind those sorts of statements are generally the key that’s holding you back in life. 

Now now, don’t go and get all uptight – no, money is NOT the only thing in the world.  However our money STORY contributes to a great many things that we want and don’t want from life, and without it we would be behind the 8-ball. Oh wait … hmmmm?

You see, what most people don’t understand, is that money only amplifies the type of person they are underneath. And it’s the BELIEFS and stories around money and life that determine what sort of life we have … not the money itself.   Let that sink in for a minute …. Riiiiight!!!!

So if you’re a good person with a good heart and a big vision that serves the world, then imagine what good being a Millionaire or more could bring to the world …. Yessss!!!!  Now we’re talking!!

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Step 6 – Cultivating the Mindset of A Millionaire

Now, while you may or may not be interested in being a Millionaire right now, and understanding that money isn’t everything, it’s a given that if we want to have a great life, with positive impact in this modern age, it’s important that we have a certain level of wealth in our lives – financial and otherwise. And the more wealth we have, the greater good we can do, and the greater impact we can all have in the world.

So now it’s time to look at what it takes to create a “Success” Mindset so that we can bring more wealth into our lives …

Ok, so write down all the beliefs the successful 2.0 version of yourself would have around money, business, working, playing, life, love, happiness and fun.

eg.  I’m really great at making money.  My ideal business clients find me easily.  I manage money really well.  I work with beautiful people who like to have fun and make money too.  I write brilliant advertising that call my beautiful clients in.  My business runs smoothly like clockwork.  I am deeply connected to my intuition and it serves me well. etc etc.

When you write your own version of these for all the areas mentioned above, just take a moment to notice how they are different to the ones you have at the moment. You may want to write some of the bigger ones down so you can work on sorting those out straight away!!

But then quickly go back to the 2.0 Millionaire Version of You and Adjust them as necessary so they suit you perfectly.  Then read them out loud twice a day if not more so you can fully remind yourself of the new life that is coming your way. 

Getting into a high vibe state with lots of love and gratitude before you do this will really help.  

Now write them out again, affirming your commitment to your new way of being and living.

Review:  What beliefs did you focus on today? Did you become aware of any other non-serving beliefs that popped up in your mind? Did you notice yourself flinching at any of these? What is your big one to work on?

Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  
#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺