“Success” Through Journaling – Step 11 (Pillar 3 * Day 1)

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Hey there again!!

Day 11!!

Wow!!  Time surely does fly when you are having fun hey?

And I’m guessing you’re having fun with this process because you’re still here!! Thank you!!

So yesterday we worked on getting your 90-Day Goal in place – you know, what you’d like to see transform for you over the next three months.

But hey, it ain’t going to happen by magic!! 

Just because you’ve got a plan, doesn’t mean it’s just automatically going to make things all better. You’ve got to see that plan as done and work backwards to see what you need to do this month, this week, today to start bringing your Desires and Dreams to life.

So today we are going to talk about taking Aligned Action and what that actually means when we are trying to transform our lives.

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Step 11 – Aligned Action

Knowing that you have really tapped into your Desires and Dreams, you’ve acknowledged anything that’s in the way, and you have a very clear idea of what you are going to achieve in 90-Days, if you really want to make it 100%, then there is NOTHING going to happen unless you TAKE ACTION in the direction of your Dreams.

So, … move back to the 2.0 version of yourself who is in charge now and ask them what you can do TODAY that will bring you closer to your Dreams, and will bring you so much joy to do.

Write down your list of Aligned Actions – now the aim is not to produce a list as long as your arm – though if that happens, that’s fine. But we are not trying to go into competition for the person who has the biggest To-Do List!!!

So, ask the 2.0 version of yourself to help prioritise the tasks for the day – there might be just one thing that is multi-faceted, or there may be several smaller things.

The trick is to have a couple of things that you would love to do, and if you can have them done by lunch-time, then that’s awesome! But if they take a little longer, then that’s perfectly ok too, because ALL of them are taking you so many steps closer to your Desires and Dreams!! And how cool is that!!!

Progress, baby!!!

Now, thank the 2.0 version of yourself for their help with organising your day.

Review:  Each night before you slow down for the evening and get ready for bed, take the time to check in with your list to see what is on the agenda for tomorrow so that when you wake and have completed your morning routine, you are set and ready and roaring to go and you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Do this and watch your purpose and productivity fly!!

Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  
#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺