“Success” Through Journaling – Pillar 1 Bonus & Invitation

Hey Hey!!

Ok, so you’ve made it through this 5-Day Journaling Adventure.


Now be sure to stay in touch!

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Now, I’d really love to hear what your biggest takeaways have been and what has shifted for you over the past 5 days.

And as a special for you, I’ve included a fully guided “Success” Through Journaling 5-Day Adventure Booklet that you can simply download and print out week after week to keep you in the habit of Journaling.

Click Here to Download it Now!

Alternatively you can simply Download the Quick Reference Guide to use with your own Journal for your convenience.

Look, it’s usually at this point that I start to hear all the excuses as to why you can’t really continue with a Journaling Practice, and do you know what the biggest one is?

“I don’t have enough time!!”

Funny thing is though that we as humans have a very uncanny knack of always being able to put what’s important to us at the top of our list, and guaranteed … THOSE things get done!

But now let me ask you this …

Is what you’ve been doing prior to this 5-Day Journaling Adventure, making you go round in circles and keeping you stuck in a rut?

Or is what you’ve been doing helping you get to where you ACTUALLY want to be?

Well here’s a little “Success” Tip for you …

“Success” leaves clues!!

And you’ll often find that the majority of people who have experienced “Success” in their life have created it by design.

And how did they do that?

Generally, maintaining a consistent Journaling Practice played an important big part.

Yet you may find you have stories come up about how different your circumstances are, or how much busier and more important your challenges are …

So to help counteract this challenge for you, …

I’ve decided to give you a very special bonus!

And this little, but extremely awesome “Success” Tool is what I still use to this day when I feel like I’ve got too much to do, I feel overwhelmed or I’m just wandering around not knowing what to do next or where to start.

It’s called “The 7 D’s to Getting It All Done” and you can check it out here absolutely free as my way of saying Thank You for participating fully in this 5-Day Journaling Adventure.


You see, I understand it can take a lot to break habits that you’ve had for a long time, so to fit an extra task like Journaling in “Just For You” in the short term, it might be fine, but long term it could become a bigger deal, and so this is why I am gifting this to you right now – I really want to be able to help you and I want to be able to help ease the load.

Normally this program is only reserved for my group of Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and these guys have paid between $6,000 – $13,000 to leverage into their own business so they can change their circumstances, and this is the space where I provide massive value for them as their coach and mentor, so when I say that I am gifting this to you, you can absolutely KNOW for certain that I am!

It’s been so handy to me over the years, like it has been for those that I’ve shared it with, so be sure to let me know how this “Success” Tool serves you as well please!!

Now this brings me to my next special offer …

Sure, you can continue to use the fully guided 5-Day Journaling Adventure Booklet, and I can assure you that used consistently week after week you will experience some really wonderful shifts in your life.

However, I also know that I wanted more out of life and I knew that to achieve more I had to go deeper, and this is where I realised that I had to be willing to explore some of those areas that were holding me back and I had to face those things head on and in constructive ways.

And that’s where the 3 Pillars were born!

Pillar 1 – Get Ready!   …… ✅ Done

Pillar 2 – Get Set! ………… That’s Up Next

Pillar 3 – Go! ……………  The Complete “Success” Through Journaling Trilogy

Now on my website, the “Success” Through Journaling Trilogy is only sold as a complete package, but because you’ve come this far with me with Pillar 1,

I’m am offering you Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 for $77 each if you purchase them separately, 

Or, if you purchase them together as a Bundle, you can have the two of them for just $99.

Yep, that’s half the price of what I charge on my website – but ONLY if you purchase now through this link. 


And even though I’ve already given you the first Pillar for FREE and I’m absolutely sure you’ll love the rest of the program, I’m just going to stand behind you even more by including a 7-day money-back guarantee.

However in the name of full transparency, I do have one provision …

If you don’t absolutely LOVE Pillar 2 of my “Success” Through Journaling program, you must send me a quick email and tell me why you’d like your money back – and this is ONLY so I can continue to improve it so that it serves people at a higher level.

Now that’s pretty fair wouldn’t you say?

I also forgot to mention that in the same way that you’ve had the “Get Ready” Facebook™ Group to support you throughout this 5-Day Journaling Adventure (and you will continue to have access to that too by the way!), you’ll also have access to the “Get Set” & “Go!” Facebook™ groups as you embark on your next Pillars.

However, if you purchase the Bundle of Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 together, you will also have exclusive access to me after the program has finished via a dedicated “Evergreen” Facebook™ group where you get more personalised attention.

I reserve this group for those that not only purchase the Pillar 2 & 3 Bundle, but for those that are Actively journaling and have completed every day of the program – Reason being is because this way I can help guide and advise those who are actively doing the inner work on a more personal basis.

I put a lot more energy and effort into supporting those in the Evergreen Group because these are the people who, like you, have demonstrated their full commitment to their own “Success” Journey.

You see, I can’t help you unless you are doing the work and are actively helping yourself.

But doing the work at this level really shows me that it’s worth my time because I really want to see you enjoy the Journey, but I also want to see you Unlock your own “Success”.

Also, this work is one of the major “Success” Tools in our armoury, and as such it is the foundation for other work we get do together that will accelerate your results.

But like I said, ONLY for those that demonstrate their commitment.

You can purchase Pillar 2 NOW for $77

Or …

Purchase the Pillar 2 & 3 Bundle and receive access to the “Success” Through Journaling Evergreen Support Group … For LIFE!!! Not just for the duration of the program, but For LIFE!! And pay only $99.

Meaning that as you continue to journal using this program, my commitment to you is to hep you maintain your commitment to yourself and to your Dreams.

So you can purchase Pillar 2 separately from Pillar 3, and yes, you will still receive support at that level, but you will only receive LIFETIME support if you Purchase and Complete the “Success” Through Journaling Bundle.

So go ahead and click here https://bit.ly/STJ-P1-UpgradeOffer to continue your journaling adventure that promises to help you Unlock your “Success” Journey.

Here’s to your future “Success”

Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺 

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