Join Our “Thank You Money” Program for Affiliates


And thank you for your interest in our Official Affiliate Program that we love to call our “Thank You Money” Program.

Over two decades we’ve had so many people embark on a journey of discovery, healing and growth with us and they have thanked us for their exceptional experience, and with The “Success” Transformation Studio philosophy of trying to help as many people as we can in as many ways as we can, we wanted to find a way to thank them.

Enter the idea of “Thank You Money” – our way of thanking our loyal supporters for not only playing an active role in their discovery, healing and growth journey, but for their love and belief in us and our services, and for their active recommendation.

Designed to help get our message out to the world in a more real and authentic way, we figured what could be more authentic than real people sharing their experience of how we have helped them?  

And in return we reward them for their recommendation with Real Cash.


Tell Me More …

Unlike many other loyalty programs, our “Thank You Money” Program is not based on how many times you come back to use our services – No, our aim is to get you back out into the world, functioning as your most happy, healthy, fulfilled and aligned self as quickly as possible, and how cool is this, … while it’s not always the case, many times 1 session is enough!! … Particularly with our Vibrational Alignment Single Service, or one of our “2 in 1 Combos” (Hint: the “Sovereign Self” Combo is the most popular)

Therefore, and understandably, the “Thank You Money” Program requires you to have had at least one of our services, so you can speak authentically about how our services have helped you – obviously if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, how can your testament stand true? But if even ONE session has made that much of a difference in your life, why Wouldn’t you want to tell the world about it!!


But Why Money?

Well, why not –  Money is a natural, neutral, universal means of exchange that can actually make a difference in your life in real and tangible terms. And couldn’t we all do with a little more walking around money? It comes in handy right? 

Most loyalty programs offer special discounts, or free products or services which can be helpful if it’s hard to afford or justify it, but being paid in products, services, flowers, massages, chocolates or vouchers off your next purchase, sometimes it just don’t cut it when you have to go to the grocery store – sometimes we just need some good old-fashioned Money to make the going round a little easier – like when you buy food, fuel, or have to pay bills, to have something to put away for the kids, to save or invest, or put back into your business …

So when you can earn some actual Real Money, directly into your bank or PayPal account, just for sharing your experience, then … yeah, that can make a difference – even if it just means helping to put food on the table, or where you can go out or treat yourself without the guilt!!

Besides, all those other things may not really appeal to you because they aren’t in your love language! 

Cash however, … Delivered directly into your bank, … Ready to spend it on whatever you actually want – like new hair do, car parts, jewellery, books, courses, new clothes, support that new charity that means so much to you – because it’s cash, … you know … you’re free to do whatever you like with it.


The Really Cool Part!!

When your friends purchase and book their service through your referral they will receive a special discount at the checkout, and after they turn up for their appointment and are happy with their service, that’s when YOU get paid!! 

I did say it was pretty cool, huh?


But That’s Not All …

Our program is REALLY generous!! You don’t just get paid on the first service that person receives! 

You receive 20% of the checkout figure as “Thank You Money” EVERY time that person comes back and uses more of our services!!

Aaaand they don’t have to be the same services as you received to become an Affiliate!! So potentially, recurring income for you for not having to do anything else!!

It’s pretty nifty huh?

And when you consider our boutique services range between $247 and $10,000 or more – the possibilities are endless! 


The Disclaimer …

Clearly while the earning potential is rather enticing, everyone’s results and earning capacity will be different based on how passionate they are about our service, how well they learn to convey that to people, and how often, how long, and how passionately they continue to share the vibe of their experience.


How To Join Our “Thank You Money” Program …

Yep, there are a couple of steps for joining the program …

     1.  You have to have personally experienced at least one of our Single Services or our “2 in 1 Combos”

     2.  Fill in the “Thank You Money” Program for Affiliates Application, check the Permission & Commitment box, and then hit Submit (And Contact Us if any of that doesn’t go smoothly for you!)

     3.  Provided at least one written and/or video testimonial  before your Application can be considered.

(Hint:  If you fill out the application properly this will already be done)

And in exchange for your application and personal recommendation and testimonial, you will receive “Thank You Money”!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention … your referred person gets a special discount too when they process their payment at the checkout!


Everyone is winning!!

And of course there are always finer details we are both governed by which are all included in our no-nonsense Affiliate Agreement.

But there are no separate joining fees, no obligation around minimum requirements for referrals, and no end of date to your application unless you specifically request to terminate your Agreement in writing.

Now, because of how generous and specific the requirements are, the “Thank You Money Program” is by Invitation Only and only serious applications will be considered – This ensures that everyone gets the best possible experience.

Click Here if you would like to begin the application process.

If you have enjoyed your experience with us, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for it by recommending people who may be interested?

Ok, so that’s about it for now – be sure to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

Until Next Time …  

Much Love, 

Joy.  xxOOxx
#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺