Working With Men

While the majority of my work is with empowering women to live their best life …

I also work with men.

I have a deep and abiding sense of respect for men.

No, not all men show up as their best self, and as such they tend to get a bad rap.

But the same could be said for some badly behaved women who have hurt the men in their lives.

It’s not my place to be judge or adjudicator, however I understand that it takes two to tango and in every situation each player has a role.

As a facilitator though, my role is to help anyone that yearns for change, anyone that screams for a better life, and just as much as women need a guiding hand and unconditional love and support on their journey, I also believe that men need this as well.

In my work with men over the years I have helped them see their world through different eyes; I’ve helped them open to their pain to release that in safe and appropriate ways.

I’ve watched as men embrace my work and flew as different, more empowered men, and I’ve watched as they timidly (or aggressively) withdrew, only to have them return because they realised that as challenging as it may have been for them to open to that pain, after the first shockwave had passed, they recognised they had been held by the safe space and they KNEW it was the right time and the right place to continue with their healing journey – “and it really wasn’t that bad after all!”.

I have been so blessed, and feel very privileged, to watch these beautiful beings return to their natural state of the balanced masculine – without the harsh and aggressive armour – a conscious man committed to their evolution and growth, to be the best version of themselves as they stand proudly in their own right beside their mate, unthreatened, in their wholeness, sharing the load and walking together in harmony with the world.

And my heart does a little happy dance because as a woman, I’ve been able to play a small role in their healing by shedding some light and providing a fresh perspective that otherwise may not have been available to them.

I dream of a world where men stop hurting women and women stop hurting men – actually it’d be great if nobody was hurting anyone (just saying’!!!), but imagine a world where we all work together as our aligned, divine Sovereign Selves for peace, love and understanding ….

If this sounds like the kind of transformation you would like for yourself, please feel free to book your 15-30 minute complimentary “Keys to Success” Consultation here.

So excited to connect with you soon!!

Much love, J. xxOOxx 🌺❤️🌺