Working With Women

By the time a woman reaches her forties and beyond, she has usually got a bit of sense about her, knows what she does and doesn’t want, and is “beyond ready” to have things on her terms for a change.

She’s done with doing it tough; she wants to heal; she wants to grow; she wants to RISE!

When you have her heart, when you have her soul, and when you have captured her imagination and allowed her to fly, you will never find a more committed, loyal and dedicated person in the whole world!

She’s self-responsible, determined and fights for what’s actually important, because she doesn’t have the time or the energy, and couldn’t really be bothered, sweating the small stuff anymore.

However, she has needs!

And unless someone is able to help her fulfil those needs, they will always be burning in the back of her mind, waiting, stalking her at times, begging her to make them manifest as she wrestles between desire and guilt.

She knows she was born for more by this stage of her life.

She knows she is ready, willing and able to make things happen.

And if she’s properly equipped and ready on every level – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially – you would have a hard time holding her back from her dreams!

However this is rarely the case.

By this point in her life she is usually facing a different life to that which she used to dream about when she was a girl.

Today she is wearing ALL the hats – mother, daughter, wife/partner, book-keeper, chief cook & bottle-washer, executive decision maker – and that’s all before she gets to her actual paying job!

She knows she needs change, but she doesn’t necessarily know how to put that into place.

But if she had the right person to help her tailor some solutions, …. Hmmmm? That sounds interesting!

What could she do with that?

OMG! She would be right-ready to implement them, willing to shift, adapt and prioritise if it meant that she could have it all!

She knows she Never EVER Gives Up!

She knows she’s ready to step into the power of the Matriarch if that’s what it takes if it means she can lift the burden from her and her family.

She’s ready to be the Leading Lady in her own life.

She can see the dawn of a new day … And she goes for it!!

And I feel blessed to be able to play my role as she embarks on her own “Success” Journey!

I help her understand the value in honouring herself, helping her to untangle her knots – I show her how to use the tools properly and in the best direction for her so she can be set free!

Free from the worry and stress of feeling inadequate. 

Free from the place of loneliness that can sometimes plague her.

I help her connect to her true self, and help align her life so that it supports her in ways she didn’t think were possible anymore.

I help her find her passion if she has lost it; I help her discover or re-ignite her purpose; and if she’s ready, support her every step of the way till she boosts her profits.

And I help her own it all!

She evolves from Competition to Collaboration; from Mindlessness to Purposeful; from Ridiculous to Delicious.

She becomes her beautiful, empowered Sovereign Self who has just been waiting for her time to shine!

If this sounds like your kind of transformation, please feel free to book your 15-30 minute complimentary “Keys to Success” Consultation here.

So excited to connect with you soon!!

Much love, J. xxOOxx 🌺❤️🌺