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Nothing is more empowering for a woman than to be able to ride her own motorbike – especially when she does it with confidence, grace and ease.

But what if you’re scared? 

What if you don’t like turning right or left and you know it’s holding you back?

What about going downhill or handling speed?

What about changing gears or or the idea of braking hard and fast?

Or trying to keep yourself focused on everything going on around you while you handle all the rest of it?

What if you’ve had a go at riding, but something happened that scared you and now you’ve lost your mojo?

What if you’ve seen or heard about something and now you are afraid of the dreaded “what if”?

Of course the idea of riding a motorbike is awe-inspiring, …

And the final product of actually being able to ride your own bike confidently and competently at the end of the day is a dream come true, …

But what about the bit in the middle?

What about all the nerves, anxiety, fear, and “what if’s” coming up to bite you on the backside and impacting your ability, your confidence and your competence every time you ride out?

If you’re telling yourself that there’s got to be a better way …

If you’re considering selling your bike and all your gear and giving up all together …

If you’re scared or nervous All. The. Time. when you’re on your bike …

Then just pause for a minute …

What if you could change all that?

What if you didn’t have to give up, and you get to keep your bike and all your gear?

What if you could see a future where you are confident, competent, relaxed and enjoying your riding experience like everyone else seems to be able to do?

Then seriously, you are in the right place.

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But How Would I Know?

I remember when I was a learner rider back in the year 2000 and I felt like I was fighting my fear every time I went out on the bike.

I’d never ridden my own bike, only ever been on the back a couple of times when I was a kid, with others who seemed to be pretty sketchy in their ability to carry a pillion, and so I was scared witless Every. Single. Time.

And if I barely even knew how to change gears in a car confidently, what business did I have with wanting to try to ride my own motorbike? …

My father used to ride, but that was before I was born because “Bikes are just too dangerous” now that I’ve got responsibilities;

My cousin lost his knee-cap in a pretty severe accident, proving that bikes were dangerous;

My husband came off in a pretty bad way because he missed navigating a roundabout correctly at speed, and because I was going to be the mother of his children, then I most definitely wasn’t going to be riding a motorbike because it was too risky;

And another cousin, not even doing anything wrong, had a massive bike accident where a driver did a U-turn on the crest of a hill directly in front of him that actually killed him instantly.

Yes, bikes threatened life in a very real way and it seemed like everything was against me.

But something kept burning within me and just wouldn’t let up.

I’d see all these other people riding their bikes, getting out by themselves, having fun with friends, living a life of adventure and freedom that was still calling to me.

And so with our divorce now behind me, and sharing the care of our 3 daughters, when my older brother asked me what I wanted to do with my new life, the first thing that came out of my mouth was “I want to get my bike licence and learn to ride a motorbike!”.

So here I was at the mature age of 30, finally biting the bullet and giving it a go anyway despite the risks.

But I was terrified.

I was nervously excited, but still scared stiff!!

And it didn’t really help when my pre-learner instructor told me that while he knew I needed the piece of paper so that I could legally practice, he begged me to please stay off the road so I didn’t get myself killed!

Now there’s a vote of confidence for ya right there!!!

But I kept putting on my big girl pants, kept leaning into that fear because to me, riding a motorbike was something I’d really wanted to do ever since I was a little girl and I was determined that I was not going to let this beat me. 

So I persisted and eventually got there, but it wasn’t without a lot of anxiety beforehand, and a lot of nervous energy every time I left the driveway.

And all THAT was before I began to navigate road works, gravel roads, wet weather, going downhill on a big bike, handing corners, braking hard, riding in groups, and having people watch as your park your bike, let alone all the other stuff we come across as motorbike riders.

And because I didn’t know any better at the time, it took me 4 years to be able to get over my nerves and to become more relaxed with my riding.

It then took me another few years of riding in groups with riders that had more experience than me to become a better rider myself.

I even did a few classes to grow my skillset and to help with the more technical aspects of riding slow, and then riding fast so that I could become more competent and confident in all sorts of situations and types of weather.

And over time my confidence improved, my skills improved, and I was feeling so great and was riding really well – people noticed the difference and complimented me and I was just so happy!!

But I noticed that occasionally in any new situations, or with big events some fear would still creep in and I would start second-guessing myself, freaking out the night before, and stressing.  Generally I was able to push it back into place, and except for a few small challenges, I’d been relatively incident-free.

Until January 2016 when everything changed.


The Turning Point 

On a hot Australian summer’s day I came off in quite a big way – it was a straight road, I was doing the speed limit, with nothing major going on to cause it – but one minute I was up, the next minute I was in a high-side slide for 50 metres, landing hard on the bitumen at 80km/hr in the middle of the state border crossing.

I remember thinking “Ah!! This is what it is like to come off! I wonder when the sliding is going to end and how sore I am going to be tomorrow? Is there even going to be a tomorrow? And how’s my bike doing? Actually, I wonder where it is and how it’s doing?”

Thankfully all my protective gear had done their job, and the kerb grabbed the bike, stopping it from bouncing off the embankment and back on top of me, but the only clothing to survive that day were my sox and knickers – the rest had to be cut off me and I was helicoptered out to the closest city hospital. 

But I was alive – Unconscious and broken, but alive.

After a brief stint in hospital, within a couple of months I was back on another bike and riding again, but I was changed – I knew I had to get back on the horse so to speak, and while I could still ride, it seemed like I was back where I started – I was nervous, jittery, hesitant and flat out scared every day on every corner.

Now, please understand I’ve done a lot of personal development work in my time, and I’ve explored a lot of change processes for improving other areas of my life, but learning how to Master my Mindset has perhaps been my biggest asset.

It has become such an ingrained part my everyday journey that without realising it, I have automatically applied it to my riding.

But even with all this specialist training I still couldn’t get passed all my fears, and I couldn’t understand why my mojo was taking so long to come back.

This single person accident, even though I didn’t remember what actually happened, was still freaking me out, often at the most inopportune times!!!

Not willing to let it beat me though, I just kept pushing and soldiering on until I conquered it – But it still took me a couple of years.

And the question constantly drove me – Surely there is a quicker better way to recover?


So how is all this relevant to YOU?

Well the thing is, like I was, most people are plagued with all sorts of Mind Games that limit their ability to do things in life, including ride their motorbike – from the fear of the known and unknown, to the stress & trauma of being in or witnessing distressing situations, to a lack of self-belief around our innate ability, creating many layers of self-doubt.

But I think if we were to be totally honest with ourselves, it’s important to know that even if we are proficient riders now, at some stage in our riding career we have ALL had our time where we were a little bit nervous or completely scared out of our wits … 

It happens as a natural part of growth and stretching our boundaries … 

But how we handle those moments determines our outcomes – whether we succeed and continue to rise, or whether we shrink back into hiding.


So what makes the difference?

So how can one person just get back in the saddle, and yet there are others who just can’t cope?

What separates someone from handling their machine with confidence ease and dexterity, while others baulk at every right turn, every rain drop, or patch of gravel?

And why does it take moments or years for someone to get their mojo back? And how come others never do?

There are many factors at play, and while Skillset is a major player, Mastering our Mindset is generally the name of the game.

Our Mindset is the captain and determines if we keep moving forward with developing our Skillset or not.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter WHAT spooks us, even if we’ve got the best skillset there is, it’s our Mindset that determines how we move forward (with variations of course) …

1. We can give up, go hide our head in shame and disappointment and try to pretend that it doesn’t matter, impacting our self esteem – and we may or may not recover enough to have another go;

2. We can do it the hard way and push through any and all the fear and brow beat that sucker into submission until eventually we overcome ourselves – but what a huge drain on our personal resources! And it’s still always in the back of our mind taunting us;

3. We can find a smart, efficient way to Unleash our Inner Boss Babe to maximise our efforts so we can start to actually enjoy ourselves on our bikes.


But what to do and how to do this?

So I gotta tell you, because I didn’t know better at the time, the majority of my journey was via the second option – I was just so determined that I was going to make this work for me that I would feel the fear and do it anyway. And every time I came home from a ride I was absolutely spent because of all the nervous energy.

As I got better and better at my craft though, and with my “Never EVER Give Up” Attitude, slowly the nerves disappeared.

But when my best mate who helped scrape me off the bitumen told me how she was still having trouble sleeping at night because of what she had witnessed, I realised that mentally she was more messed up than I was!

I mean I went unconscious and got helicoptered out so didn’t really remember much of it … but she saw it all happen in front of her, and having the scene play over and over in her mind was taking quite a toll on her.

That was when I really started to wish that there was another way to manage the nerves, the anxiety, the fear – because as much as I wished she could embody the many years of knowledge and wisdom I had cultivated to get my Mindset right, clearly that wasn’t going to happen right in this moment for her – I mean I shared what I could to help her, and I did small processes with her when I could.

Eventually she got past it, but as a Facilitator and Practitioner with my own business, I didn’t really feel that I was being as effective as I could be to help her.

And so I began my search to find the best solution possible.

I kept learning and growing, improving my services so that I could help my clients more deeply by:

  • transform their stress, emotional pain and trauma;
  • busting through their limiting beliefs
  • Improving their relationship with money; and
  • easily doing things they once found difficult.

I mean the rapid transformation and belief-change system I now use with my clients is ground-breaking!!

Beyond Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, and Kinesiology, it is:

  • Non-invasive,
  • Non-traumatic, and
  • Can be done via a video chat anywhere in the world that has an internet connection

It takes just minutes to do …

And the change is effective immediately.

It’s Simply Brilliant!!


So how does this help?

So one day, while chatting with a few female riders, I realised how real and pervasive this struggle really is in the biking community …

One of the girls shared how she was traumatised by a recent and pretty severe head-on accident.

In that moment I knew I had an OBLIGATION to step up – this wasn’t just a little thing me and my mate went through.

I now see so many people, women in particular, who struggle with trying to learn to ride, or overcome the obstacles that generally come with riding, …

And so I’ve adapted what I do with my business clients so I can help people who are dealing with the pain, stress and trauma that sometimes accompanies riding motorbikes – I mean it’s really powerful everywhere else I use it, so why not apply it here?

Surely I could help to transform their stress?

Surely I could help accelerate the process of getting their mindset right so that the skills people find challenging can be approached with greater levels of confidence ease and flow?

Maybe what I do could really be of benefit to the biking community? …

From developing confidence and skills when just starting out – I mean I’ve been using it with my daughter with awesome results while she is learning, and she has gone ahead in leaps and bounds (she’ll share her story with us shortly),

Or when regaining your mojo after seeing, hearing about or being in an accident (such as with me and my two mates),

Let alone having the opportunity to help accelerate the healing and recovery process so people can get back on the bike sooner, safely and more confidently.

Because if you’re serious about wanting to get back on the bike and are ready to ride confidently and proficiently, with my help I am sure it would make such a difference to your riding experience too.

I only wish I had this in my toolbox many years ago, to not only save myself YEARS of heartache, frustration and nervous anxiety, but I desperately wish I had it for when my bestie needed it to save her the pain that came from her trauma.


Where do you start?

I’ve developed an offer that I am sharing with the motorbike community only at this stage …

If you’re just starting out or are holding back out of fear and you want more mojo when riding your motorbike …

If you’d like to take your Riding & Life to a whole new level with Confidence, Grace & Ease …

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It had been nine months since I bought my motorcycle and could not ride it at all; as soon as I turned it on, I would panic.

I was thinking of selling it and buying a smaller one.

Then I met Joy, and I just wish I had met her earlier; the next day I was riding and enjoying my motorcycle.

I have no words to thank her … Joy is the right person to help you – trust me!

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Looking forward to connecting with you and helping you to Unleash Your Inner Boss Babe on a Bike!!!

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Love, J. xxOOxx
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