Introducing Joy

Joy S. Fisher.

“Committed to your Success …”

To say that Joy has had a colourful history, both medical or otherwise, would be a gross understatement, and which is far too detailed to go into here – I’m sure there’s a book coming at some point – Let me know if you’d be interested in reading it! 

However, let’s just say that this colourful journey has amassed HUGE amounts of intense study for her, both formal & informal, and MASSIVE amounts of personal development, ultimately leading her to where she is today.

Coming from a place where giving up seemed the only option, Joy’s strength and determination to not only survive, but to thrive, and to help as many people along the way as she can, has placed her in a position of being a valuable ingredient in many people’s personal transformations.

Her colourful history has also developed her Extra-Sense-Perceptions which helps to create a special and uncanny link with her clients.

First becoming a Professional Counsellor, a Reiki Practitioner, then Reiki Master, Joy then studied Vibrational Healing in Hawaii with her first mentor, for almost 2 years. Several years later she studied with Dr Eric Pearl when he came to Australia to teach Reconnective Healing & Personal Reconnections, then aligning with one of Australia’s leading Wellness Advocates for DoTerra Essential Oils, to learn the AromaTouch Technique and more recently studying to become a PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

During all this study and practice, Joy worked tirelessly as the Admin Co-Ordinator for a Children’s Charity on the Gold Coast for 2 years, developing & implementing a complete Administration System for them so that they could function at their optimum. As part of this role, she was also involved in running 2 fund-raising Art Shows, each with over 100 Artists and processing over $250,000 in Sales each year.

Family priorities then came to the fore where Joy moved her attention to working from home so as to be more available for her children. As things would happen, at one point she found herself with 7 children from the ages of 10 to 19 at home – only 3 of which were her own.

When things settled down somewhat, but still tied to being a home-body, Joy began consulting with Small Business Owners, focusing on mindset, business systems, offline & online marketing and advertising.

As time progressed, and moving into more one-on-one “project-based” work, Joy realised that her passion still lay with her healing & mindset work. But knowing that she needed to ground her work in more physical ways, Joy studied and became a Personal Trainer and mentor, quickly progressing to become the Health Club Co-Ordinator of a 5-star resort on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Stepping back from the intensity of that environment to manage her own health and well-being, Joy then took a leaf from her own book and moved back into the passion of her Empowerment work and small workshops, preferring the intimacy and diversity of her clients.

 Her recent PSYCH-K® Facilitator Training allows her to partner with her clients more deeply, changing beliefs immediately and permanently within minutes at the subconscious level of mind creating both subtle and major ripple effects throughout the rest of their lives and their businesses.

Today Joy has shaped her life into one that serves her on every level, which amongst other things, allows her to live her passions, sharing her gifts with her guests in the privacy of The “Success” Transformation Studio and her Zoom Room, allowing her to work remotely with her clients.

In her spare time she loves nothing more than riding her motorbike, spending time with her family and friends, chilling out to her favourite movies with her nearest and dearest, and reading and writing for some quiet down-time.

Joy looks forward to meeting with you in her Studio or in her Zoom Room, and sharing her “Uncanny” gifts with you.

Please feel free to contact her today!!