Boss Babes on Bikes – Street Session

Taking it to the Streets

So happy to see you here!

Now that you’ve had a powerful “Boss Babes On Bikes” session, nothing really tops getting straight down to business and taking action!!

By rights, you’ve turned all the nerves, anxiety, fear, and “what if’s” into excitement which may be tinged with a tiny edge of nervousness, which is perfectly normal.

But wouldn’t it be awesome to put your transformation to the test by taking it to the streets in a really supported way to prove to yourself that you really are a Boss Babe on your Bike?

Trust me, there’s nothing quite like having your very own private Belief & Energy Calibration Specialist and support vehicle right there on hand while you’re fortifying your mindset – it helps solidify your competence and increases your confidence on the go.

This is what Yasna had to say about her recent Street Session …

“Look at me today (after my session yesterday afternoon),
I came by myself to school on my motorcycle 

“After riding a Ninja 300 in Chile and then coming to Australia and not riding at all,
for more than 2 years I’ve been too scared to ride my Street Triple 765.
Not only am I not afraid anymore, but I am excited to ride again – I can’t be happier.
It makes me very happy to be back in this beautiful world of motorcycles. 

“Thank you for helping and encouraging me to believe in myself.”

So, …

If you’re ready to “get real” and take your transformation to the streets in a very supported way …

If you want to benefit from someone supporting your mindset as you’re going through your paces …

If you just can’t wait to put it all into practice but are still a bit excitedly nervous to try it on your own (but with a little support) …

Then you’re in the right place.

Where do you start?

You must understand some of the finer points of what this service is … and what it isn’t!

1) This service is only offered to clients who are licensed to ride a registered motorbike on public streets, have their own roadworthy, registered, comprehensively insured and fully fuelled motorbike, have done well in their Boss Babes on Bikes Studio Consultation, and feel ready to have a go in a live “practical” riding session. 

2) You understand that you will not be instructed on the specifics of how to ride your motorbike, but rather will be mentored around your Mindset regarding how & what you think and feel ABOUT riding your motorbike. 

3) Your level of participation during the Street Session will always and only ever be at a pace that is set by YOUR own particular comfort level, which you should clearly communicate to your Facilitator AFTER proceedings have been explained to you at each step, but BEFORE each part of the Street Session is attempted. You will also be instructed how to communicate with your Facilitator & Support Driver both on and off the bike, whilst both stationary and in motion – the responsibility to respectfully communicate your level of comfort however, will ALWAYS be yours – because you understand we are not mind-readers.

4) You also agree to ride in a lawful and safe manner at all times, and you willingly bear full responsibility for everything that occurs to your person and all property during the Street Session and after.

5)  You acknowledge that you are aware of the inherent risks when taking part in the Street Session and you agree that The “Success” Transformation Studio won’t be held responsible for any injuries that occur during the course of this activity.

To be clear …

6) The “Success” Transformation Studio is ONLY offering this as a Mindset Mentoring service and you understand and accept that by clicking the purchase button below, making payment and attending your appointment, you release all representatives of The “Success” Transformation, and all other parties, from any form of liability whatsoever, both now and in the future, and agree to download, fill in and submit this Liability Waiver to your Mentor PRIOR to your Street Session. 

7) There will be NO discounts on this service, and there will be NO refunds after the session has been attended. 

8) This type of appointment is only available on certain days of the week and at certain times as set by The “Success” Transformation Studio, with no changes to be made within 48 hours of the appointed start time. The only exception to this will be weather permitting, and the decision to go ahead or not with the appointment is at the sole discretion of The “Success” Transformation Studio.

9) Each Street Session appointment allows for only ONE rechedule, subject to there being at least 48 hours notice provided.  Failure to provide 48 hours notice, or to attend the appointment at all, will result in all monies paid being forfeit, with no refunds or further reschedules available. All rescheduling of appointments is at the discretion of The “Success” Transformation Studio and no correspondence will be entered into.

So if you understand and agree to all that, and you’re ready to get started because you’d like to make the most of your Riding & Life and want to go to a whole new level of Confidence, Grace & Ease while riding …

Then Book Your appointment today!!

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3hr Street Session – $297 AUD

Should you have any questions then feel free to Contact Us.

Looking forward to connecting with you and helping you to Unleash Your Inner Boss Babe on a Bike!!!

Until Next Time …


Love, J. xxOOxx
#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺 


*Offers are only reserved for people in the motorbike community.

The Acknowledgment and Release Form serves as part of the Terms & Conditions 
and both 
are subject to change at any time without notice.