Why The “Success” Transformation Studio?

None of us are without challenges.  

All of us have our stories of tragedy and triumph to tell, and not all of us handle our challenges with as much grace & ease as we perhaps would like to be able to.

Whether in business or life, many of us can feel powerless to change the obstacles and stumbling blocks that keep cropping up for us. If it isn’t one thing, it is another, and sometimes it isn’t even our stuff that affects us, but someone else’s!! Yet we are left to deal with the fallout.

Maybe, for you, it is the “same drudgery, different day” that is getting you down.

Sound familiar?

Most people don’t realize that they can do something about the way their life does or doesn’t work.


The Pain of Survival

Ever since I could recall, my life had been one drama after another, and I always seemed to be in some sort of trouble. However, my survival instinct always made sure that I landed on my feet – even though sometimes I was quite battered and bruised emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Admittedly, for quite a few years I played the role of feeling victimized by the world and all the forces in it because I didn’t know any better.

I would cry and complain about how cruel life was and I allowed myself to feel justified in my complaining – after all, what had occurred wasn’t actually my fault.

So I’d pick myself up, dust myself off and I became the Victim’s ugly sister – the Martyr – instead. You know the one … “All that happened to me, none of it was my fault, but I’ll get on and survive anyway!”


The Turning Point

After 20 years of perceived “deep adversity”, a series of heavy duty events occurred that really forced me to look hard at my life and where I was heading.

I was given the “Do or Die” option, and I was forced to step up and take responsibility for what really was going on.

When crunch time came, I had a choice – I could drown in the hopelessness of my situation, or I could surrender my Victimhood & Martyrdom & find a better way.

I had heard of others who turned things around and their sour lemons somehow became their sweet lemonade, so I figured “Why not me?” … After all, I literally had nothing else left to lose.

You see, when the doctors & specialists told us that there was nothing more that they could do for me or my family, their words sank to the pit of my stomach – it was then that I realized that my health and the well-being of my family relied on me taking personal responsibility and finding alternative ways to heal myself – at the very least, I had to try because it was obvious that no-one else could do it for me, and our lives were pretty bleak as it was.

No, I didn’t know how it was going to turn out, and Yes, I knew that there would be consequences and further challenges – I also expected opposition and disapproval from those around me, but I couldn’t let that worry me. After all, none of those people knew what misery I was in; none of them paid my bills, and none of those people had walked in my shoes or the shoes of my family.


My “Success” Journey begins …

I will admit that at times since 1998 I have had some pretty major uphill battles.

But I persisted with my formal and informal education, growing myself personally and professionally, so that I had the best skills, tools, knowledge, resources and abilities I could to help me rise above my challenges so that I could serve others through business.

That leg of my “Success” Journey took 21 years, it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars as I looked for solutions I was told that I would never find.

I was literally at the end of the line and it really was an “Only Way Is Up” deal.

But was it worth it?

Has it paid off?

You bet !!

I wouldn’t be here today working in the capacity that I am if it wasn’t !!

Could I have done it without help?

No Way !!

Would I want to?

Not on your life !!

But when you reach that pinnacle where you have against all odds achieved your goals, is it the most glorious moment of your life?

Absolutely !!!


So how can this help you?

I believe that if you are really ready to move into a more fulfilling and healthy way of doing life and business, I am willing to work beside you to help you dissolve the obstacles and stumbling blocks between you and your “Success”.

To this end I offer you the benefit of my training, my many years of experience across many facets of life, and Superb Support that is so desperately needed when someone wants, and needs, to make change for a better life.


The question is …

How bad do you want it?

Are you willing to step up and do what it takes, for as long as it takes, to be able to create the life and business that you love?

Are you willing to save a lot of time, heartache and money in your own “Success” Journey by learning a thing or two from someone who has walked their talk?

Are you willing to claim your glory and be the whole, healthy, fulfilled “Success” story that you have always longed to be, and that you know is your birthright?

Trust me … you should hope so.

And if you are …

Book a 15-30 minute complimentary “Keys to Success” Consultation here!


Until Next Time …  

Love, J. xxOOxx  
#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺