The Value of High Vibes

When we learn how to raise our Vibe, we naturally become happier, healthier, more positive and optimistic people.

When we do the things that contribute to this High Vibe, we begin to combat fear, overwhelm, anxiety, depression and many other self-defeating conditions that keep us from living our biggest and most exciting best life, and they help us feel better.

However this is not a skill that everyone knows about, and even if we do know about it, sometimes it is very easy to let things slip as the mounting pressures of life creep in.  And next thing we know we are back to where we started and we often don’t even know how it happened!!

So the best way to stay on top of all this is to bring a stronger degree of consciousness around HOW we keep High Vibe, and this beautiful lady describes it so beautifully.

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺 

12 Ways to Raise Your Vibration 

1. Eat high frequency foods [2:02]
2. Use essential oils [2:40]
3. Express gratitude [3:30]
4. Positive thinking [4:02]
5. Hang with high vibe people [4:50]
6. Use crystals [5:31]
7. Drink water [5:54]
8. Meditate [6:26]
9. Practice acts of kindness [7:08]
10. Move your body / dance [7:35]
11. Breathe deeply [8:16]
12. Notice the beauty around you [8:51]


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