Kerwin Rae – The True Power of Meditation

The are so many benefits of meditation.

Meditation has been a huge part of my life for a few decades now and I can not recommend it enough for reasons provided in this video.

This is a unique and different type of video that we’ve never done before. I sit down outdoors and talk all things meditation.

0:20 – My definition of meditation
1:00 – How to explain meditation to a kid
1:40 – How meditation and reiki made it into my life
13:35 – The power and benefit of meditation
17:00 – What is a meditation mantra and how to get it
18:05 – The biggest misconceptions about meditation & is meditation for everyone?
21:30 – My meditation process (how I meditate)
24:40 – Where the mantra Om comes from
26:20 – My most memorable meditation experience
28:55 – For anyone who is sceptical of meditation