Day 3 – And so the quest begins!!!

Sometimes you’ve just gotta pay attention to the warning signs!!! 🚫

As when you start any new journey, it’s always important to know where you want to go, how you want to get there, how long it’s going to take you, who you want to go with, and what you would like to do both along the way and when you get there.

But whether you’re taking an actual trip, or trying to take your life to a new level, the process is much the same.

However so many people put more time into planning their holidays than they do their life or their business, don’t heed any warning signs that are telling them something’s wrong, and they wonder why they keep getting the same results or things are getting worse, and why they aren’t inspired. 😫

I’ve achieved a certain level in both my life and my business over the past few years but I too noticed that I was starting to “go round”, you know … moving, but not really going anywhere anymore   

And I know from first hand experience that the only place that leads you to is to being in a rut!!

And the longer you keep doing it, the deeper it gets!! 🤮

I wasn’t going to let it get that far so, to freshen things up, here’s three things that I’ve done to get things moving in the right direction again … Moving on UP!! 👆


✳️ 1.  Recognise what’s going on in all areas of your life

Most people are so busy going round that they don’t stop to look up to see what’s actually going on in their life, and I was one of them! 

But it wasn’t because I don’t love what I do, I ABSOLUTELY love what I do, but even too much of a good thing can lead us down the wrong road!!! 

Go Figure!!! 😳

But some people HATE what they’re doing, so ignoring this step makes it an even worse situation for them if they miss it!! The Compound Effect can be a bitch!!!!

It was only because I’ve been here before that I could see the tell-tale signs beginning to poke their head in …

🥺 You know, that feeling of complacency, or even dread, starting to creep in when you hit snooze and just want to stay under the covers a bit longer … 

🥺 Maybe there’s a bit more brain fog than usual … 

🥺 Less motivated to get up and do the normal things that used to feel so amazing to do, … 

🥺 And maybe even being a little prickly toward or less tolerant of the people you live and deal with in every day life.

No, this is NOT where my life was supposed to be heading!!

But what to do?


✳️ 2.  Decide that you want something different

Now as crazy as it sounds, most people don’t even realise that they get to do something different!

They don’t know that the decision is theirs to make.  

They get stuck in the place of “Have to, Got to, Need to” and think there is only one way of doing things – the hard, boring way.

Or they simply forget, like I did!!! 🤪

So as I 

❗️noticed I was just that little less “on the ball” than usual, 

❗️ recognising that I was had a little less direction than I was used to, 

❗️ understanding that I didn’t feel as “switched on” like I used to be (and knowing where that could lead), …

I knew that something had to change.

With one definition of insanity being where you are doing the same thing and expecting a different result, I decided that first of all I didn’t want to get caught up in that crazy mouse wheel again where I couldn’t escape, …

That I did in actual fact want more than just going round.

Even though I had my own business and was looking forward to playing on a bigger field, I knew that I would need to make it a little more “Joy Friendly” than the average business (think lots of automation but still providing awesome value and service and getting paid well without having to do all the hard stuff). 

And while I was still enjoying the creative process, because I hadn’t actually gotten it to a full and proper launch, 

I was stuck in the go round of building, 

Stuck in the “It’s not ready” mentality, 

Stuck in my own limited thinking that made it harder than it needed to be!!!

And when I got so frustrated that I was about ready to burst, I drew a line in the sand that said …

“🤬 this 💩!!!

I’ve got some of the most amazing resources and tools at my finger tips and I’m the one that’s making it harder than it needs to be!!! 🥴

I’m the one that’s getting in the way!! 

I’m the one that needs to do it differently!!”

By NOT deciding, I had inadvertently just settled for the mouse wheel!!! 🐁

Like WTF!!!

❌ No!! That was certainly not ok!!!

But what needed to happen?

Yep, you guessed it …
(Like most things in life, it’s not rocket science)


✳️ 3.  Do something about it

And so I did!!
(well kinda – as you’ll see soon enough)

But it’s common sense really, huh?

But sadly common sense isn’t always so common and eludes us right when we need it most!! 

So sometimes we just don’t see it. 👀

And it’s funny how the Universe supports you – even if you aren’t prepared to help yourself! Lol!!! 

Earlier I’d said “No!” to change when it was offered a few months back – sending others ahead of me instead, hiding behind my excuses of why now wasn’t a good time to join in, digging myself deeper into my rut, “but you go ahead and I’ll catch up!!!”

However, when you choose to co-create your life with the Universe and you set your intentions and declare “THIS is what I want” with the full force of your desire, the Universe, being such an exacting partner in life says ok, well this is what you need to do if you are serious about having what you want”

And the conversation kinda goes like this …

Me:  “No, no, no … I’m not doing THAT!!!”

The Universe:  “But you said you want it? And so this is the best way!”

Me:  “I know what I said, and yes I still want it, but I’m not doing THAT! Maybe later, but not right now!”

The Universe:  “Well OK, but if you still want it, then the ONLY way for you to have it is to do it this way – this is what you’ve been preparing for!”

Me: “Nope, I don’t care, I’m not doing it- I’ve got this other stuff to do.”

And things went quiet for a couple of months, leaving me to being busy, busy, busy.

But then a few weeks later different things began to shift for people around me …

🔥 The one in charge goes off to have a baby leaving a group unattended and in need of a caretaker …

🔥 The people I’ve been tending to have stuff going on and need some time out, effectively freeing up my time, 

🔥 A request sent out to “Fill In” while the one in charge is away,

🔥 My natural instincts to serve kicking in, 

🔥 And there’s stuff I need to do to fill the role properly, 

(which I did with great diligence so I could serve others better …)

And next thing you know I magically end up doing what I said I WASN’T going to do!!!

Like WTF!!! How did that happen!!! 🤣🤣🤣

So what is it that I’ve done that has shifted everything for me?

Well, I’ve tapped into a 90-Day Accountably Mastermind which is guaranteed to shake things up in a person’s life and business.

Yet I couldn’t commit to it before because I was too busy with my head down, bum up “Getting Shit Done” attitude.

But get this … !!!

The very thing that I didn’t WANT to do ended up being part of what I NEEDED to do to fill this new, though temporary role, and it has turned out to be the absolute BEST thing for both me and my business!!

And here I was thinking that I wasn’t ready to commit!! 

Who knew??!!
(as The Universe sits there heartily chuckling away at me!!)

Yes, it’s been a bit of a stretch over the past month or so as I’ve navigated some new territory – not so big of a stretch that it breaks me, but still a stretch nonetheless.

But from the stretch I’ve grown, and I’ve accomplished things that I never thought I’d EVER be able to – and done it really well.

And funnily enough it sets me up for the next leg of my journey in even better ways than I could have ever possibly imagined.


So, this is me being a little vulnerable and laying it all out … and I just thought that maybe by sharing, it could help someone else get out of their rut if that’s where they find themselves.

You see, none of us are immune to getting caught in the mouse wheel, but by consistently using these 3 simple tools … Being aware, exercising my right to choose, and then actually doing something about it (Or letting the Universe help me in in this case because I was just being so stubborn!) it always helps me keep my head above water and moving forward – not just going round in circles.


So is there anything that needs to be addressed in your life? Is there anything that you need to pay more attention to or even change? And is there anything that you think I might be able to help you with?

If you feel like you might need some support or guidance drop “MasterMind” below and I’ll be in touch via FB Messenger.


I really hope you’ll join me on the rest of this 90-Day journey which finishes on 9th September,  as I’d really appreciate your company 🙂

I’d also really appreciate your support and interaction by not only showing some love on my posts, but also know that I really value your comments too, so please don’t be shy – drop in and say hi from time to time on my posts.

And if you think someone else could benefit from any of the information I share, perhaps you could either share the post with them or else just tag them in it 🙂

Now that I’m here and I’m not fighting it, I am actually excited about the journey ahead, and I look forward to sharing it with you too!!


Until Next Time …  


Love, J. xxOOxx  

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺 

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