May I Help You?

I’d spent my whole life trying to help people – if they asked I would do it (unless it was cleaning my room!!) I figured if I could add value to people’s lives, then I would be considered a good person who made the world around them a better place. However as the years rolled … Read more

But What If You Fly, My Love??!!!

When I watched this video I couldn’t help but see the very close correlation between this beautiful bird’s encounter and the journey of becoming a FreedomPreneur. This magnificent Condor had been kept in a care facility for 6 months and this was its release to the wild skies above. Standing in front of the crowd, … Read more

Reclaiming The Light Within

There’s a light within each of us. 🌟 As a child it would shine so brightly that the whole world would light up just because we smiled and giggled and played. 💫 As we got older, life became more serious and we had to have more of a clue and we had to start to … Read more