May I Help You?

I’d spent my whole life trying to help people – if they asked I would do it (unless it was cleaning my room!!) I figured if I could add value to people’s lives, then I would be considered a good person who made the world around them a better place. However as the years rolled … Read more

Brand New Beginnings

We’re only new to the world of blogging!  Bear with us as we find our footing and begin posting some cool stuff to help you along with your “Success” Journey. Got something you want to say? Shoot me a message right here 🙂 Until Next Time … Love, J. xxOOxx #ENJOYTheJourney!! PS – I will … Read more

But What If You Fly, My Love??!!!

When I watched this video I couldn’t help but see the very close correlation between this beautiful bird’s encounter and the journey of becoming a FreedomPreneur. This magnificent Condor had been kept in a care facility for 6 months and this was its release to the wild skies above. Standing in front of the crowd, … Read more

Reclaiming The Light Within

There’s a light within each of us. 🌟 As a child it would shine so brightly that the whole world would light up just because we smiled and giggled and played. 💫 As we got older, life became more serious and we had to have more of a clue and we had to start to … Read more