Reclaiming The Light Within

There’s a light within each of us. 🌟

As a child it would shine so brightly that the whole world would light up just because we smiled and giggled and played. 💫

As we got older, life became more serious and we had to have more of a clue and we had to start to “grow up” and be sensible 🤨

We would still want to play and laugh and romp, but then we would hear our parents, teachers, friends, society start to say things like “isn’t it time you grew up?”

And our inner child says “So what, does that mean you can’t have fun as a grown up?”

But slowly our shoulders hunch, our head starts to hang lower, we smile and laugh less often, we don’t play as much, and it’s all about being serious and conscientious. 😟

It’s about working and getting married, paying the bills and buying the house and raising the kids …

And not necessarily in that order!!!

But one day we wake up, it’s the middle of our life, we’re still working, we may or may not be married, the house needs a lot of work and the kids are “growing up”!!

Where did the time go? ⏰

Where did the light go? 🌦

When did the fun and spark stop?

Sure there were moments of light, like when the kids would run and play and laugh.

Surely there’s more to life?

Surely life isn’t meant to be all serious and hard work?

Why does “growing up” have to mean taking all the fun out of life?

How did this happen?

Who sold you on that idea?

I guess it doesn’t really matter, because all that matters is you are here and you now know you have a choice.

The fact you recognise it now is perfect timing.

Because when you recognise it, it means that you can do something about it. ✅

Yes, we still have grown up stuff to handle, but fun and light is a state of mind which costs absolutely NOTHING to cultivate.

So let’s start today!!

What’s one thing you can do today to bring more Joy into your life? 🤩

Can you reconnect with your friends for dinner or a coffee?

Go to see that movie before it leaves the cinemas? 🎥

Actually, when was the last time you took yourself out on a date?

When can you schedule some “Me Time” in your week?

Make a list of some things you love to do but have stopped doing them and start to put them in your daily plan.

Haven’t got a daily plan?

How about your start to reclaim your light by setting one up so life can serve you, rather than you running around and burning out!!

It can be as simple as starting with just a few minutes a day!!

Tell me some of the favourite things you love to do to Reclaim your Light?

Until Next Time …

Love, J. xxOOxx

#ENJOYTheJourney!! 🌺❤️🌺

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